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People Are Convinced That This Video Proves That Melania Trump Is Using A Body Double

What do you think?

People Are Convinced That This Video Proves That Melania Trump Is Using A Body Double Twitter

You know we love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person but this one has pretty much split the office down the middle.

A video of Melania Trump disembarking Air Force One in America over the weekend has re-ignited rumours that the First Lady uses a body double to get out of attending events.

"Facts" that "prove" that Melania isn't actually Melania include: Her posture is different, her hair colour is wrong, her cheekbones aren't the same and her handshake is too confident.

"Not her," one Twitter user claimed. "Not her posture, profile, poses. No sir, no way, now how."

Another added: "Hair colour and hair parting wrong, blouse wrong, jacket collar wrong, logo on sunglasses missing on double... it defo ain't her."

Here's the video; see what you think.


It's certainly not the first time the body double theory has been floated. Here's a snap from last month, when Melania was supposedly arriving in Brussels for the NATO summit.


So who is standing in for Melania? Well the common theory is that it's her actual body guard, a secret service agent who could probably pass as her sister, really.



The flurry of concern comes a few months after the First Lady "disappeared" for almost a month, following surgery on a kidney condition mid-May this year.

According to the White House, Melania received treatment at a military hospital before returning to the White House five days later but she wasn't actually seen for close to a month.

Eventually she tweeted from her official FLOTUS account to assure concerned commenters that she was, in fact, just fine and hadn't gone anywhere.


Something tells us this isn't the last time this conspiracy theory crops up.