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Petrol Prices Have Hit Four Year High

It's getting pricey!

Petrol Prices Have Hit Four Year High File Image

Petrol prices have hit a four-year high, with motorists urged to shop around for the best deal ahead of the long weekend.
The cost of unleaded petrol jumped 5.1 per cent to an average 142.5 cents a litre in most capital cities during the past three months, a survey by comparison website found.

Here’s what else they found about your city. 

Compared with the other cities, Sydney motorists – along with those in Adelaide – were paying the least for petrol, over the past three months at 140.0cpl.

But, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs were being stung 5cpl more on average, at 145.1cpl - while the cost of petrol in the Fairfield and Liverpool sub-region was 138.4cpl over the same period.

With petrol as high as 160.4cpl in the north-west suburb of Maroota and as low as 140.9cpl in Earlwood, as of early this week, motorists are being urged to shop around before filling up. 

Melbourne petrol prices are starting to ease after peaking at the top of the cycle on 22 May.

Over the last quarter, motorists were paying, on average, 141.1cpl at the bowser

Not only was Vermont the cheapest Melbourne sub-region to fill up – at 136.2cpl on average – it was also the cheapest sub-region in the country.

The most expensive sub-region was Greensborough and Ivanhoe, with petrol costing 142.2cpl over the same period.  

Although Queensland won’t enjoy the extra long weekend, petrol prices in Brisbane were 144.4cpl over the quarter.

The sub-region of North West Brisbane recorded the highest quarterly average, at 145.6cpl.

The sub-region of South Brisbane was the cheapest, at 142.1cpl

Similar to Melbourne, Brisbane’s petrol cycle peaked in late-May and is expected to ease slightly over the weekend. As of early this week, the most expensive suburbs to fill up were Eagle Farm, Hamilton and Milton, while petrol in Coopers Plains was 13.9cpl less, at 146.0cpl. 

With petrol prices in Adelaide starting to ease after peaking on 30 May, motorists are being urged to top up rather than fill up until prices drop further.

Adelaide motorists were paying some of the best prices for petrol over the quarter, at 140.0cpl.

The cheapest place to top up the tank over the quarter was in the Western and Beach Suburbs, at 138.0cpl. As of early this week, the cheapest suburb to fill up was Blair Athol, at 142.5cpl, while in Seaford, motorists were paying 17.9cpl more.


While Perth won’t enjoy the long weekend either; prices should ease leading into the weekend and be at their lowest in the cycle on Monday.

There was little variance in petrol prices around the city over the quarter, with petrol costing 140.0cpl in the city’s East, and 141.1cpl in the South.