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PNG Finds ‘No Good Reason’ To Re-Open Manus Island Detention Centre

Legal bid rejected

PNG Finds ‘No Good Reason’ To Re-Open Manus Island Detention Centre Image: ABC News/Twitter

The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court has found “no good reason” to restore basic services to the Manus Island detention centre.

As Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull today urged the 600 men refusing to leave the facility to move on, a legal bid to reopen the facility was rejected by the court, ABC reports.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said the current standards of three alternate sites in the main town of Lorengau gave “no good reason” why the men should not voluntary relocate - a sentiment also earlier echoed by Mr Turnbull.

"I think the responsible course of action is to encourage them to comply with the lawful requests and requirements of the PNG authorities," Mr Turnbull said on ABC Radio.

Mr Turnbull blamed the asylum seeker stalemate on the position of some Australian activists “including the Greens senator Nick McKim”.

"Everything the Greens and people on the left of the Labor Party say about this is used as marketing by the people smugglers," he said.

"I mean they are the worst criminals. And what they do is, they're saying to these people: 'Don't budge, don't budge. Get lots of pictures on the Australian news, the ABC is giving it a big run.'

"They'll say: 'It's getting a big run in the Australian media and before too long the Australian Government will weaken and allow you to come to Australia.' And that will then be the big opportunity, the marketing opportunity for the people smugglers."