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Police Announce Karen Ristevski Investigation ‘Breakthrough’

New witness provides key information

Police Announce Karen Ristevski Investigation ‘Breakthrough’

Image: ABC News

Police have made a “significant breakthrough” into the investigation surrounding the death of Avondale Heights woman Karen Ristevski.

Head of the Victoria Police Missing Person’s Squad Detective Inspector Tim Day today said a new witness reportedly saw a man alone in a black Mercedes Benz similar to Ms Ristevski’s, and close to the time of her disappearance on June 30 last year, the ABC reports.

"The witness has seen the vehicle in the last week of June. We're trying to narrow down exactly what day it was," he told reporters.

"We're obviously working towards whether or not it was actually on the day that Karen went missing."

Image: ABC News

The car was parked on the wrong side of the road in the Childers Road and Mount Macedon Road area, and just 1.5 kilometres from where Ms Ristevski’s body was found on February 20 after a long and extensive search.

"I can confirm that that observation was articulated prior to the discovery of Karen's body," Detective Inspector Day added.

"We [have] only been in a position to speak to the witness in the last week or so."

Karen Ristevski was reported missing on June 30, 2016, having been last seen at home by husband Borce Ristevski the previous day.

You can watch the complete police press conference below: