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Possible Zika Virus Cure Found By Qld Scientists

Using an Australian native plant

Possible Zika Virus Cure Found By Qld Scientists

Researchers in Queensland think they may have found a cure for the deadly Zika virus.

A compound made from an Australian native plant halts the virus, and stops it replicating without harming the animal (and possible human) who has it.

The virus, which causes birth defects, has seen mass deaths in Africa and South America.

"The research is in the early stages, but we are aiming to ultimately synthesise the compounds in question and turn our attention to preclinical testing," lead researcher from QUT Dr Trudi Collet said in a statement.

"It's also exciting because of the implications of this work for other viruses.

"Zika, dengue, West Nile, Japanese encephalitis and yellow fever are all from the same family of viruses - flaviviridae."

The mystery plant hasn't been named, but they say it is fairly common, and was found to kill 100% of the Zika infected cells.

They'll now be spending the next three to five months trying to synthesise the compounds before further testing.

They believe the breakthrough may one day be able to eliminate the virus from people who contract it in the early stages, and will then reduce risks around conception.