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Prawn Shipment Tests Positive To White Spot Disease

Widespread industry fears

Prawn Shipment Tests Positive To White Spot Disease Image: Pexels

Biosecurity tests have returned positive tests for white spot disease in three shipments of raw prawns, in what’s the latest blow to the farming industry.

Farmers have reportedly blamed the spread of the disease on imported prawns used by recreational fisherman although this remains unconfirmed, AAP reports.

The federal government banned importation of raw prawns in January but lifted the ban in July.

It comes as the Queensland prawn industry was also devastated twelve months ago from the detection of the disease in the Logan River region.

The infected shipments are to be destroyed by officials, returned to their country of origin, or cooked to remove the virus.

The positive test is predicted to have widespread impact across the industry, given several groups including the Australian Prawn Farmers Association rallied against lifting the ban.