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Protests Erupt Over Grenfell Tower Fire

News overnight.

Protests Erupt Over Grenfell Tower Fire

(Image: Channel 9)

Protests have erupted in London, with hundreds of protesters demanding justice for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Police were forced to guard Kensington Town Hall as protesters marched on the building, climbing the steps.

Another protest saw British prime minister Theresa May slammed on the streets, with people shouting "coward" at her and calling for her resignation.

The crowd shouted “May must go”, “justice for Grenfell” and “blood on your hands”, and were stopped outside the entrance to Downing Street.

A third large protest was held in central London, making its way to the BBC headquarters.

30 people have died from the blaze, with over 70 still unaccounted for.