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Shocking Footage Of A Dog Left In A Hot Car By Its Owner

The RSPCA say ‘it was a tragic sight’

Shocking Footage Of A Dog Left In A Hot Car By Its Owner

Picture: RSPCA

Disturbing footage shows two Maltese dogs that were locked in a hot car for five hours, before one died.

The female owner of the two dogs was convicted on Monday in Elizabeth Magistrates Court of animal cruelty charges and is now banned from owning any animals.

As the Adelaide woman visited her daughter in hospital in March last year, a member of the public noticed the trapped dogs and called South Australian Police and the RSPCA.

“We confirmed with the member of the public that it was OK to smashed the car window to rescue the two dogs. Their quick thinking saved the life of Zoe, one of the dogs,’ Chief Inspector Andrea Lewis said.

“Tragically it was too late for the other dog, who died from severe heat stroke. The dog that died was also neglected in terms of dental issues, matting, and skin conditions. It was a tragic sight.”

A quick-thinking police officer covered Zoe in a wet towel in an attempt to revive her.

The RSPCA Inspector arrived shortly after, saying the deceased dog was hot to touch, and adding she was “shocked at how much heat was coming off the deceased dog”.

The dog owner was convicted and given a suspended sentence of two months and three weeks, a one year good behaviour bond, and is now banned from acquiring or having custody of any animals.

She was also ordered to pay almost $3,500 in veterinary and legal fees.

Zoe has since made a full and miraculous recovery and been adopted by a new owner.

If you ever witness a distressed animal locked in a vehicle, please call RSPCA South Australia’ 24-hour animal cruelty report line on 1300 4 777 22 or SA Police immediately.