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Stop Everything... Today Is National Tim Tam Day

As if you needed an excuse

Stop Everything... Today Is National Tim Tam Day Arnotts

Well, if you're still coming off the proverbial Valentine's Day glow, and you're possibly thinking you couldn't possibly have one more sweet treat this week... you might want to think again.

Um, everyone...


We didn't even know it's actually a thing, but February 16th is the day and lo and behold, that's today.

As we all know, it could only be classed as a national day because they're pretty much unknown in any other country in the world (which is their loss, frankly).

Arnott's tell us that, not surprisingly, Tim Tams are Australia's favourite biscuit. They sell over 45 million packs a year (which equates to 60 Tim Tams every second).

That's a lot of Tim Tams!

And not one to rest on their laurels, Arnotts have teamed up with Gelato Messina to launch three new gelato inspired Tim Tam flavours.

Choc Cherry Coconut, Iced Coffee and Turkish Delight.

Shut up, take our money! You know the drill.


Written by: @dantheinternut