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Super-Vitamin Discovered That Could Reverse AGEING and DISEASE

Fountain of youth in a drug!

Super-Vitamin Discovered That Could Reverse AGEING and DISEASE

Pic: Getty 

This sounds just too good to be true..

Aussie scientists say they've found a vitamin that could reverse the ageing process, improve our health and even aid the treatment of diseases like type 2 diabetes.


It's called nicotinamide monocucleotide and they say it's so good, they're even taking the pill themselves!

The drug has been trialled in middle-aged mice with fantastic results, researchers found they lived 20 per cent longer and could ran faster while the cells of old mice were "indistinguishable" from young mice after just one week of treatment. 

Research into the vitamin won a NASA competition late last year because of its potential use in the planned 2025 mission to Mars.

It's hoped the drug will be used to reverse the damage of accelerated ageing caused by cosmic radiation and help the mental impairment and cancer risk astronauts experience during space travel.

Human trials of the vitamin are expected to begin later this year with hopes the product will hit shelves in 2020.