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Texas Shooter Targeted Church Because His Mother-In-Law Attended

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Texas Shooter Targeted Church Because His Mother-In-Law Attended

The shooter who killed 26 people in rural Texas yesterday is believed to have targeted the church because his mother-in-law attended.

Devin Patrick Kelley, 26, open fired during Sunday prayer service at the First Baptist Church in rural Sutherland Springs this past weekend.

He was chased by locals in vehicles, one who was armed before crashing his car and taking his own life.

Freeman Martin, regional director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, has now revealed Kelley had sent threatening texts to his mother-in-law.  It was not clear if he was estranged from his wife.

"We can tell you that there was a domestic situation going on within this family," he told reporters on Tuesday. "His mother-in-law attended this church, we know that he had made threatening texts from him. We can't go into the details of that domestic situation [but] we want to get that out there; that this was not racially motivated, this was not over religious beliefs, there was a domestic situation going on."