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The Jobs That Could Land You A New Career Before Christmas

With year 12 results coming out...

The Jobs That Could Land You A New Career Before Christmas

With the year 12 results coming out, it's bound to be a stressful time for the class of 2017.

While some may receive the marks they need to get into their chosen course, it's important to remember that there are many other options.

That's the message from James Moran, general manager of Apprentice Support Australia.

"There are lots of options from an apprenticeship point of view, and that will often mean that people complete a qualification the same time as getting some work experience," Moran said.

"So you're earning money while you're learning."

A skill shortage in the trade industry means the door is open for young people to take a chance on a different career path.

"There are a range of areas with skill shortages at the moment, with employers crying out for people to come into the apprenticeship and traineeship space," Moran said.

"These include the automotive area, health industry, childcare, engineering, in the education space, hairdressing - any skill based areas like that, there's a real demand for employees and trainees and apprentices across the country."

And the best part? Those interested could land a job before the year is out.

"There are employers who will take employees and apprentices within the next few weeks. I can be very confident that they'd be looking at working even before Christmas."