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The Most Exciting Tech Yet

Never Learn Another Language Again

The Most Exciting Tech Yet

Interpreters will be going on strike! Google has announced headphones to translate languages, in real time.

The gadget is called Pixel Buds.

They're following a bit of a lead from Apple, in being wireless, but a snazzy cloth cord connects the left and rid ear bud. They're more than just a sexy accessory though, they also work hand in hand with the Google Assistant app.

So how does the magic work?

The Google Assistant does the real leg work, because it can already translate between 40 different languages. To start a conversation with someone who doesn't speak your mother tongue, just hold your finger on your ear bud and say, for example, "help me speak French”, then speak your phrase in English. When you lift your finger, the Google Assistant will speak and display your translation to another person. The third party can then hold down the button on your phone to reply, which the app will translate and then play into your ear.

The new headphones were announced at the tech giant's latest product launch in California, alongside a new Chromebook laptop, the next Pixel phone, and the next version of their very cool Google Home smart speaker. We have them in all our newsrooms, mostly to get weather updates, but she can also play trivia.



Also, no judgment if you really liked that nod to Savage Garden.