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The Top 5 Things That Seriously Annoy Tradies

Don't poke the bear.

The Top 5 Things That Seriously Annoy Tradies Image: Pexels

While most workplaces are winding down for the Christmas period, the trades and services industry is ramping up with people racing to get their homes ready for the in-laws during the holiday period.

It’s a challenging time for tradies as not only are they more physically exhausted working under the hot Australian sun, but customers become more demanding than ever.

"Customers are usually out of their depth when it comes to trade knowledge, so when they have unreasonable demands it can make it really difficult for tradies to do their best work," CEO Jeremy Levitt said.

In a new survey conducted by the find-a-tradie website, over 700 tradies voted on the top five things customers do that really tick them off.

Here’s a guide of what NOT to do next time you get work done on your house.

1. Taking too long to pay for the job

At 48 per cent, stinginess and withholding payments leads as the most hated customer trait.

This comes as no surprise, as most people can agree that they do not enjoy the feeling of being ripped off or strapped for cash.

Don’t be that person who takes a month to pay your tradie for their hard labour - pay on time!

2. Haggling

In the same boat as stinginess is haggling with 25 per cent of tradies choosing it as the thing that really gets their teeth grinding.

What customers often forget is that the quote given for a job not only includes the tradie's hourly wage, but the cost of materials and transportation.

3. Peering over their shoulder

Everyone makes mistakes when they are under pressure, especially when there is someone looming over them like a hawk.

Tradies can’t stand it, with 21 per cent voting it as the most annoying thing customers do on a job.

4. Changing your mind mid-job

Time wasting is a sure fire way to get your tradie off side with 24 per cent voting indecisiveness as their least favourite customer trait.

What’s more, 17 per cent voted customers changing their mind mid-job as one of the most hated things customers do on the job.

Make sure you are certain of your decision before the job starts, because in the end not only are you wasting the tradie's time and hard work, but yours too.

5. Telling tradies how to do their job

No one likes a know-it-all, so try and stick to what you know and let the experts do the work.

Seventeen per cent of tradies voted customers telling them how to do their job as the thing that really gets under their skin.

Often you may think that giving your two cents on the matter may make the job easier, but this is not usually the case.

Other things that understandably tick tradies off include unreasonable time expectations (22 per cent) and being spoken down to (10 per cent).