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This Famous Aussie Department Store's Days Could Be Numbered

Changes Are Coming...

This Famous Aussie Department Store's Days Could Be Numbered

It's been around for years, but Target's about to do something unexpected.

Close stores.

Others will be converted to Kmart.

Truth be told, the comeback plan isn't sounding much like a comeback plan.

But boss Guy Russo is determined to find a future for the struggling retailer under the new motto "quality fashion basics for everyone at low prices."

Target used to be the low-price go-to for Aussie families before Kmart crashed the party with its $8 t-shirts and trendy yet affordable homewares.

The irony is both store are owned by retail monolith Wesfarmers.

In some further irony, the man charged with reviving Target was the guy that led Kmart back from the brink.

But he's confident he hasn't used up all that retail magic.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t get it right, I just can’t switch on a light switch and get it right in a year," he said.

The elephant in the room is Amazon, which is expected to make a big play for the hearts (and wallets) of Aussie shoppers in the next 18 months.

Whether Target have's focus on "quality fashion basics" is the right one to have remains to be seen.

Wesfarmers is adamant there's still room in the Aussie market for Target and Kmart to exist side-by-side.