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Tigerair Are Selling Flights For $1 So Book Some Leave And Get Outta Here


Tigerair Are Selling Flights For $1 So Book Some Leave And Get Outta Here AAP

If you're 100 per cent over seeing any more of your mates post an over-filtered photo from a beach somewhere in Europe then we'd thoroughly recommend digging out some small change from the back of the sofa and heading to the Tigerair website.

The company is running its semi-regular "Pay To Go, Return For $1" sale which, unsurprisingly, means that if you book a return flight, you only pay full whack for the outbound leg.

Your flight home will then set you back a whopping $1. Nice one.

There are more than 10,000 cheap fares between February and April next year up for grabs, with sale prices starting at just $70.95 return for flights between Sydney and Coffs Harbour or Melbourne and Hobart.

But it's not just the shorter distances that'll save you a bundle; since all 21 of Tigerair's Australian routes are included in the 48-hour sale, you could get to Perth for as little as $185 or, if you're keen to one-up your mate on the beach pictures, the Whitsundays for less than $110.


Some of the other flights up for grabs are:

Sydney - Coffs Harbour: $70.95

Sydney - Gold Coast: $72.95

Sydney - Melbourne: $84.95

Sydney - Adelaide: $92.95

Melbourne - Canberra: $101.95

Melbourne - Cairns: $147.95

Brisbane - Melbourne: $109.95

Brisbane - Darwin: $140.95

Adelaide - Melbourne: $79.95

Perth - Sydney: $195.95

The $1 sale is on from now until midday on Wednesday and you can get a full list of destinations at Tigerair's website.