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Tigerair Frantically Negotiating With Indonesian Government

All Flights To And From BALI Cancelled

Tigerair Frantically Negotiating With Indonesian Government

It's been a long night for hundreds of Aussies stranded in airports here, and in Bali, after budget airline Tigerair was forced to axe all flights in and out of Denpasar Airport. 

The Indonesian Government ruled a crackdown on the airline, over an alleged breach of some newly changed licencing conditions. 

With stacks of passengers now stranded - as many as 700 of them in Bali - Tiger bosses are now frantically negotiating with Balinese authorities to reach a resolution. 

"Because of the need to provide certainty and notice to its customers, Tigerair will not operate its scheduled services for today 12 January and early in the morning of 13 January."

The services that've so far been cancelled are:

• TT1 MEL-DPS 0915/1225, 12 Jan
• TT24 DPS-PER 1330/1715, 12 Jan
• TT25 PER-DPS 0925/1310, 12 Jan
• TT16 DPS-ADL 1355/2125, 12 Jan
• TT19 PER-DPS 1925/2310, 12 Jan
• TT2 DPS-MEL 0001/0840, 13 Jan

"The remaining five flights to and from Bali tomorrow (13 January) are currently under review."

The airline has sent over some sister-Virgin airlines planes to rescue some of those stranded and it’s also working to get refunds for those caught up in the dramas.

Spokeswoman Vanessa Reagan is urging anyone who was due to fly out today, not to go to the airport saying passengers will be contacted by the airline.

"Passengers on services that will not be operated and passengers that will be accommodated on Virgin Australia’s replacement flights will be contacted directly by Tigerair."