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Travel Insurance Warning For Aussies Affected By Bali Volcano

You might not be covered

Travel Insurance Warning For Aussies Affected By Bali Volcano BNBP Indonesia (Twitter)

The Bali volcano is affecting thousands of Aussies, and now there's a warning to check your travel insurance.

Increased activity started on Mount Agung in mid-September, and some companies won't cover you if you took out a policy after that.

The massive volcano looks set to erupt on Wednesday afternoon, with tourists scared they could be trapped there for weeks.

Laura McGregor, who's been stuck on the island for several days, says she got travel insurance before the cut off but some aren't as lucky.

"I've got a couple of friends that are in Australia coming over in the next couple of days, they've purchased insurance after that date, so they're completely not covered," she said.

"They're at risk of forfeiting or cancelling their whole holiday and losing quite a bit of money."

Aussies are going to extreme lengths to get out, taking a 13-hour long bus ride, a ferry trip and multiple flights to get home.

Some locals are taking risks to cash in.

"They're literally just taking truck loads of people out there to fly them out," Ms McGregor said.

"People are falling asleep at the wheel and accidents are happening."

On the other hand, many hotels are looking after people with no tourists coming in.

"They're offering discounted rates to us, to make sure they are keeping hotels at capacity, because there's literally no one coming in," Ms McGregor said.

A warning was sent to Aussie travellers back in September, but many didn't take the advice.