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Turns Out Woollies Sell Undercover Hot Cross Buns All Damn Year

Cross-less buns lack appeal

Turns Out Woollies Sell Undercover Hot Cross Buns All Damn Year

Alright, so everyone's in a spin over the fact that some supermarkets have been selling hot cross buns since Boxing Day, but it turns out they've been selling them the whole damn time! 

A Woolworths baker of more than 5 years has let us in on the fact that these things are actually sold every day of the year - but they're cross-less, and sold as simple 'Spicy Fruit Buns'

The best bit is despite them having virtually the same ingredients, they tell us they barely sell without the flavourless, weird cross on the top. Go figure. 

So if you're one of the thousands desperate for your Easter fix BEFORE they officially hit all store shelves on Jan 2 (Woolworths), or Jan 3 (Coles) then our suggestion is to head down there now and pick up some of the fruit buns instead. You won't regret it! 


Oh, and while we're here putting your mind at ease over all of life's big questions, wanna know why Easter Eggs hit the shelves stupidly early too?? Our Woollies insider tells us it's basically so they can keep them cool in the shop air con, because the back docks of the supermarkets are too sticky and hot!!