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Uber Wants To Roll Out ‘Flying Taxis’ Within 5 To 10 Years

But we want it now

Uber Wants To Roll Out ‘Flying Taxis’ Within 5 To 10 Years Image: Futurama/YouTube

If whipping out your smart phone to book a flying Uber for your next trip seems like a ridiculous and far off idea you may be mistaken – it could be happening much sooner than you’d think.

Uber Technologies Inc CEO Dara Khsrowshahi told an investor forum on Tuesday he’d like to see the launch of an Uber Air flying taxi service within as little as five to 10 years, Reuters reports.

Mr Khsrowshahi added that he actually predicts flying cars to also become a standard and affordable mode of transportation.

Earlier in the month, Uber’s Head of Policy of Autonomous Vehicles and Urban Aviation, Justin Erlich told Tech Crunch the taxi industry regulators would need to relax rules ahead of what’s to come.

"Our hope and belief is that the time savings that you will get through air travel will incentivise people who might otherwise be used to the privacy of their own rides [being game] to share rides," he said.

"If you ask about what’s the future of mobility — like when we have all these people wanting to move — we can think of these as packets of people and things moving in these really dense city areas."