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Why Kayla Boyd Spoke Out

Revelations from Broncos Skipper's wife

Why Kayla Boyd Spoke Out

Front page across the country today is Triple M's own Dobbo's sit down tell-all interview with Kayla Boyd, the wife of new Broncos skipper Darius Boyd. 

Speaking with Dobbo on Channel 9, Kayla revealed just how big of a turnaround Darius has made, from the depths of depression and infidelity and taking time out of the game in 2014 to now.. a husband, father, and pack leader at Red Hill.. 

"The 40 minutes I spoke to Kayla was the most honest and raw interview that I have ever done with anybody", said Dobbo. 

"The story wasn't about him having an affair, it was about a marriage that had his dramas, and mental health issues, and a wife fighting for it and it comes back and they're together and they are blissfully happy"

While Darius prepped for his 250th game (Thursday night against the Storm), Kayla spoke of her decision to call it quits over Darius' cheating, before his stint in rehab. 

"I'd just had enough. I was 100% done. I am shocked that I am sitting here and I am talking about him, and we're still married"

The couple's most recent challenge was last year when Kayla had a miscarriage before falling pregnant again within months, only to reveal in a blog that she had terminated the pregnancy. 

Today, Kayla's copping it, as people question her intentions, and why she spoke out. 

Marto, Ed and Robin asked Dobbo directly.

"She wanted to raise awareness. She terminated a pregnancy and she came out on a blog and she was hammered". 

Marto and Robin couldn't understand why Kayla put herself out there, even after being hammered once already. 

"To raise awareness about cyber bullying", according to Dobbo. 

Marto questioned whether it may've been about self promotion -

Hear Marto, Ed and Robin's full chat with Dobbo HERE: