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Why You Should Be Booking Your Next Big Getaway In OCTOBER

Months really matter..

Why You Should Be Booking Your Next Big Getaway In OCTOBER

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Collectively, Aussies are spending the equivalent of eight years every month searching for flights online in hopes of snagging a good deal on their next magical getaway. 


To save your precious time, the crew at
Cheapflights have released research that could help you score the most affordable flights, and they say it helps to be savvy. 

The Cheapflights Compass 2017 Report found October is the least popular month for Aussies to fly and Tuesday is usually the cheapest departure day for international travel. 
January and December as the most popular months [because of Xmas/school holidays] and that's when you shell out the most dough. You'll pay on average 33% more for flights in those months. 

When you book affects how much you pay and the best time to book depends on where you are going. 
1-3 months before departure is the cheapest time to book domestic, Trans-Tasman and Asia Pacific flights but 3-6 months is the best for long haul destinations. 
Booking last-minute attracts a premium, but being super prepared and booking more than 6 months before departure could be up to 21% more expensive. 

Got a dream destination but the flights are too darn expensive? Don't shelve your plans, just consider changing them.
Travelling to a different but similar destination within a region can save you hundreds. 
For example, flying to Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City instead of Hanoi will save you $132 on average. While flying to London and hopping on the train to Paris instead of flying directly there is a way better option financially. 


And if you just can't decide where to go, why not consider China or Canada? They're predicted to be the biggest holiday destinations of 2018.