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Woman Complains To Police That Her Drug Dealer Ripped Her Off


Woman Complains To Police That Her Drug Dealer Ripped Her Off

A disgruntled pot smoker has complained to New Zealand police after a drug deal she allegedly arranged via social media went wrong.

NZ website Stuff said the woman, from the North Island city of Hamilton, claimed she paid $NZ40 ($Z53) for what a dealer said was one ounce (28g) of marijuana.

It was supposed to be a fraction of the usual price.

When the dealer did not come through with the drug, the woman complained to police and on a Facebook page that boasts 40,000 members.

The woman did not think she could be charged, she said, because she had not received the drugs.

Hamilton Senior Sergeant Rupert Friend disagreed. "Yes, there is a charge of attempting to procure a drug so just because you don't get it doesn't actually prevent you from being charged," Friend said, according to Stuff.

"If you were to come and ask me for a tinnie (foil-wrapped package) of marijuana and I give you a tinnie of lawn clippings, you've still committed an offence, even though you haven't got drugs in your possession."

Friend did not confirm to the website if the woman would be charged, but said complaints to police of drug deals going wrong were rare.

The woman has vowed to never buy weed via a Facebook page again.