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Woman Who Stabbed Husband In Ice-Fuelled Attack Says ‘He Deserved It’

She later changed her mind

Woman Who Stabbed Husband In Ice-Fuelled Attack Says ‘He Deserved It’

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A Melbourne woman who stabbed her partner in the back during an ice-fuelled fight initially said he deserved it before changing her mind and saying she loved him.

Josephine Willet was sentenced today to 221 days in prison after earlier pleading guilty to recklessly causing serious injury to her then partner in November, AAP reports.

Willet, who has already been in custody for 221 days, will also likely be released today.

The pair had been together for four years, and police had broken up fights between them on 14 separate occasions when she stabbed him on November 7.

"You first said words to the effect of he deserved what happened to him," Victorian County Court judge Gabriele Cannon said.

"However, you quickly changed your attitude to regret and attempted to help him.

"You were hugging the victim and saying you hoped he was all right and that you loved him."

Judge Cannon said Willet and the man, who cannot be named, are lucky the stabbing was not fatal.

"No doubt (the drug) ice helped fuel the intensity of the argument and somehow you were able to access a weapon, which you drove into your partner's back," the judge said.

The judge said Willet was afraid her former partner might hurt her before she stabbed him.

"Your reaction to that situation on the day in question was clearly disproportionate but somewhat explicable because of past encounters."

Willet has also been handed a three-year community correction order and must complete 200 hours of unpaid community work over the stabbing.

Judge Cannon urged Willet, who was 24 at the time of the stabbing, to use the time to turn her life around.