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Woolies Launch 'Checkout-Free' Store


Woolies Launch 'Checkout-Free' Store Fox - The Simpsons

In an Australian first, Woolworths is today launching a new way of getting the grocery shopping done - and you don't even need a checkout.

The 'shop and go' technology will launch today in Double Bay, with customers able to scan items with their smartphone as they shop, and then pay on the app.

Several thousand loyalty card members will be able to have a go at the Scan&Go app, with specially designed scales helping keep shoppers honest.

The app is then linked to a credit card, allowing customers to finish their shop and leave the store without going through a checkout.

“We’re getting feedback from customers who are busier and busier... and they’re using their mobile phones all the time," Woolworths' head of digital and payments Paul Monnington said, reports Fairfax.

“So we’re looking at actually making that shopping experience better and more convenient for them, and actually bringing the mobile into that world."

There is also a 'tap off' pole feature near the exit, which has been designed to ease the uncomfortableness of walking out without checking out.

Customers press their phone to the pole for a quick 

A big roll-out of the technology won't be on the cards for a while, with the Double Bay store a test case.