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Your Next Tim Tam Pack May Not Be What It Appears

Weight matters

Your Next Tim Tam Pack May Not Be What It Appears

Pic: Youtube

Consumer group CHOICE has launched a campaign against what they're calling a "sneaky industry proposal" that would see the food industry remove weights from food packaging.

They reckon it's the shoppers who'll end up being short changed, because it gives them the power to decrease the product's size, but not the price.

"Front of pack quantity statements allow consumers to look past deceptive pack sizes and colours," CHOICE said on their Facebook page.

Take Arnott's Tim Tam for example.

At Coles right now, you'll pay more for the 175g variety over the 200g original pack. Less for more ain't my bag for Tim Tams.

It's the same deal at Woolworths. Despite all varieties being on special for $2.50, you're still paying the same price for a 175g pack as a 200g pack despite getting less biccies in one. It's just un-Australian!

But it's not just Australia's favourite sweet sidekick that's affected. CHOICE also compared a couple of bocconcini varieties and Cadbury's 'Marvellous Creations' chocolate blocks.

The consumer group's urging everyone to sign their email petition and tell the government that "weight matters!".

"Don't want to spend your supermarket shop turning over every packet to find out how much is inside? You shouldn't have to."

"The Department of Industry is reviewing labelling requirements. They think that consumers show "little passion" about this labelling issue. We need to prove them wrong. Tell the regulator that you don't want to lose information that helps you know what you're paying for!"

To sign their campaign CLICK HERE