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WA Drivers Crash Most While In Reverse

New snapshot looks at Perth bingles

WA Drivers Crash Most While In Reverse

WA ranks the worst in Australia when it comes to accidents while reversing our cars.

Nose to tail prangs are the most common type of accident in WA, but most accidents which happen when the car is in reverse, occur in the west.


AAMI’s Crash Index found impatience is getting the better of a lot of drivers.

Tailgating was singled out as the leading cause for nose to tail crashes in the state, which accounted for one third of all accidents.

AAMI spokesperson Michael Mills said driver distraction continues to be a leading cause of crashes while reversing, nose to tail prangs and collisions with stationary objects.

"Most of the time it comes down to people becoming distracted and multi-tasking while driving," said Mr Mills.

"Taking your eyes off the road for just a split second can have devastating consequences, and even the smallest distraction can be deadly.”

So the message is simple - slow down, stay focused, and be patient!