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An Urgent Reminder For Those On Leeton Roads This Easter

Will you be behind the wheel?

An Urgent Reminder For Those On Leeton Roads This Easter

Locals are urged to buckle up, slow down and stay awake behind the wheel this Easter or there will be serious consequences. 

Leeton Shire Council Road Safety Officer Stephanie Puntoriero is urging motorists to not trust their tired selves as they take to the road over the four day holiday period. 

Fatigue is one of the top three killers on NSW roads, along with speeding and drink driving.

A fatigued driver is six times more likely to die in a crash than a well-rested driver and fatigue crashes are twice as likely to be fatal than other crashes because you can’t brake while you’re asleep.

“The key message for all drivers is that you don’t have to be severely fatigued to impair your driving ability, you can simply just be tired.”

- Ms Puntoriero said.

Leeton Shire Council is a Free Cuppa Town offering drivers who are travelling more than 100km from home a Free Cuppa with participating businesses in Leeton and Yanco with some available along the Newell and Sturt Highways.

“Drivers need to be aware you don’t have to be speeding or drunk to cause a catastrophic accident, and you don’t have to have been in an extreme situation to be fatigued. You can just simply be tired.”

- Ms Puntoriero said.

A reminder that double demerit will apply from midnight Thursday 29th March until midnight Monday 2nd April 2018 applying to the below offences:

• Speeding
• Illegal use of mobile phones
• Not wearing a seatbelt
• Riding without a helmet