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Haunted doll from Wagga still making headlines

Linked to strange occurrences

Haunted doll from Wagga still making headlines Facebook

A 200 year old gypsy doll found underneath a haunted house in Wagga 45 years ago is still making headlines, all these years later.

The doll, called Letta Me Out, is tipped to be one of Australia's most haunted objects, it's been linked to strange occurrences ever since it resurfaced from under the local house.

Psychics have examined the doll over the years, and believe it was made for a little boy who drowned.

It's said to move of its own volition, and shift household objects.

Letta Me Out's owner, Kerry Walton, now lives in Warwick, Newscorp reports he's offering people the chance to meet the creepy doll in person at a rare public appearance in April, and even get a photo taken with it...for a $5 fee.