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Local News March 20th 2017

New role to combat Fruit Fly.

Local News March 20th 2017

A newly appointed Regional Officer on the Greater Sunraysia Pest Fee Area Industry Development Committee is set to help tackle our regions fruit fly problems.

As part of the State Fruit Fly Action Plan, Deidre Jensch will be overseeing all projects delivered by the IDC and is set to work closely with our local project manager in bringing together the community to work together against fruit fly.

Chairperson Karen Hengsen says that the new role is exactly what the region needs to combat our fruit fly issues.


An independent review to look into the effects of water recovery in the Murray Darling Basin Plan on regional communities has been welcomed by local groups.

The idea of the review came as an outcome from Fridays MinCo meeting in Mildura with local Ag groups and environmentalists hoping socio-economic impacts would be highly regarded in their discussions.


A man from Dareton will face court today after he attempted to swim away from Police after a pursuit.

It's alleged the 36 year old was travelling on a stolen motorbike when police engaged in the pursuit on Renmark Road in Wentworth.

It's reported that when he came to the end of the road he ditched the bike and his helmet before jumping into the river.

Police commandeered a nearby boat and arrested the man in the water before returning to shore.


Crime rates have rocketed in Mildura between the last two calendar years with 365 more crimes committed in 2016 than 2015. That's one crime a day for an entire year.

We've seen a 71% rise in public nuisance offences and an alarming 100% rise in abduction related offences.

However, data shows our drug use, trafficking and possession is all down

Deputy Commissioner Andrew Crisp says that on a State level there has been a majority of positive signs relating to crime.


More support for people in regional areas impacted by suicide is being called for by Postvention Australia.

They say that things at a local level are not where they need to be to create change and we all need to start talking about suicide in the community and how we can help.

Rates in Australia are the highest they've been for 13 years, now overtaking motor vehicle accidents and homicides combined.


We are down to 2 in the Sunraysia Cricket Association 1st Division competition with Mildura West and Mildura Settlers facing off in next weekend’s Grand Final.

West enjoyed a comprehensive victory over Mildura East in one Semi-Final and Settlers defeated Workers Gol Gol by 4 wickets in the other game.