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Remember The Beastie At Wonderland? Well You Probably Didn’t Know This

So many memories...

Remember The Beastie At Wonderland? Well You Probably Didn’t Know This

It’s no secret that if you grew up in Sydney you would’ve spent many days at Wonderland.

It was the actual dream for families and so many memories were made. 


One of our favourite rides was The Beastie.

We would go on it over and over… basically until we felt sick.

It was half the size and height of The Bush Beast… it was designed for younger riders... and well, riders who were too scared to go on The Bush Beast, AKA US.


While we rode the wooden roller coaster plenty of times… there’s actually a fair bit of information we didn’t know about it.

In case you’ve forgotten, The Beastie was located in Hanna-Barbera Land and was originally to be named the Scooby-Doo Coaster.

According to the website, Wonderland History, The Beastie was actually built just a few months before the Bush Beast.

It was put together on site, with 350,000 board feet of imported Southern Yellow Pine and was held together with bolts and nails.

The Beastie took 6 months to build at a cost of $1 million.

It was also built with the prediction to last 40 years.

  • Number of trains: 2
  • Cars per train: 5
  • Passengers per train: 20
  • Length of track: 457.2 metres
  • Ride cycle time: 130 seconds
  • Hourly capacity: Approx 900 people
  • Opened: 1985
  • Closed: 2002

Wonderland... Please come back.

Australia's Wonderland Sydney - The Beastie