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'Work From Home': Businesses Prepare For Sydney Train Line Closure

Closed for seven months

'Work From Home': Businesses Prepare For Sydney Train Line Closure Stock

Some businesses have started making contingency plans for the upcoming closure of the Epping to Chatswood train line at the end of the month, which includes some companies opting for their staff to work from home.

Optus is one of the companies encouraging staff to work remotely, make use of flexible working hours or jump aboard the ride-sharing program.

“Optus has developed a range of initiatives to ensure we can support our employees in continuing to get to and from work during the rail closure,” Optus national manager of experience and culture Andrew Parker said.

“We think it’s really important that our employees are able to balance their work and home life.

“That is why we’ve expanded our range of flexible work options to encourage more employees to work remotely or alter their start and finish times, enabling them to commute during off-peak periods.

“We’ve also expanded our ride-share program, which offers discounted parking for Optus employees who car pool with two or more people, and we’ve upgraded our campus cycling facilities to enable more people to cycle to work.”

There will be special buses running on seven routes during the rail shutdown, with 120 pink buses running between Epping and Chatswood from the September 30 shutdown.