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"Mine A Death Sentence For The Reef"- Environmental Justice Group

It's looking like a scary future...

"Mine A Death Sentence For The Reef"- Environmental Justice Group

More aerial surveys this month could shed light on fresh coral bleaching on Southern parts of the Reef around Townsville. 

The Environmental Justice Group is calling for Adani's Carmichael Coal Mine to be put on hold to protect the natural wonder. 

The group have several concerns for the future of the reef. 

The Environmental Justice Group are lawyers who are experts in using the law to protect Australia’s natural environment.

They deliver environmental justice to Australian communities and the long term health of the Australian environment.

Campaign Director Sam Regester says politicians are sending mixed messages.

"We've got Governments right now telling us that they're trying to protect the Reef."


"But at the same time, they're getting ready to hand over a billion dollars of public money to build this mine that they know will spell a death sentence for the Reef."

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