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Townsville Women's Centre Petition Nears 15K Signatures

The cause has strong support!

Townsville Women's Centre Petition Nears 15K Signatures

Thousands have jumped online and put their support behind the Townsville Women's Centre. 

On March 27, 2018 a petition was launched by the Sky Foundation to ensure that local families in crisis continue to be supported. 

It's hoped the petition will get the State Government to help the Townsville Women's Centre to find a new building. 

"Unless the State Government urgently commits funding to a new building, the Centre faces the very real risk of having to close its doors to women and children: victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and women in need. They are our sisters, our mothers, our daughters and our neighbours." 

The Centre is a safe haven for those facing domestic violence and sexual assault, but the building is dilapidated and has been described as being in a third world state.

Now on April 30, 2018 the petition is well on it's way to racking up a strong 15,000 signatures. 

To show your support to the Women's Centre you can donate here or sign the petition now.