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A Perth Woman Has Taken Her Neighbour To Court

Have you had an annoying neighbour?

A Perth Woman Has Taken Her Neighbour To Court Daily Mail

A Perth resident has taken her neighbour to court for being annoying!

Apparently some of their habits were deal breakers for the vegan resident such as smoking, children bouncing balls, and cooking BBQs on the weekend! Oh the horror!


Aside from a sausage sizzle being one of the absolute best smells in the world, some of the other issues might be a bit annoying after a while.

But your relationship might be completely different, you might be really close with your neighbour. Or maybe they're over at your house too much!


Bridge and Spida asked listeners to call up about their annoying neighbours. One listener said her neighbour would park in her visitor spot and actually left her lease over the dispute.

Listen to the full catchup below.