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Bridge & Spida Take You Through "Hair-volution"

Figure out which decade suits you best!

Bridge & Spida Take You Through "Hair-volution" Peter Everitt

Are you tossing up between hair styles or feeling a little old fashioned? Maybe your interested in mixing it up? Perhaps you want to revive the look you had back in your 20's... it was cute, right?



If there's one thing that Bridge & Spida know, it's hair! Could it be a secret passion of Spida's? Maybe, but we all know he would never admit it. About one minute into researching hair styles over the years we came across this... 



We have all had embarrassing hair cuts and buyers remorse, but every now and then there's a style you come across that you stick with. In the past decades there has been an undeniable change in hair style, but hey.. its 2017! You should be able to rock whatever style suits you best without thinking twice!


On that note.. ladies which decade is your favourite? 



Guys, take your pick!



There you have it, a glimpse at how much has changed over the past century.

Is it too late to say "new year, new me"? (we don't think so)