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No More Onions On Top Of Your Bunnings Sausage?

OH&S gone mad in our nanny state

No More Onions On Top Of Your Bunnings Sausage?

Is this a joke? Spida got fired up this morning and sprayed Bunnings, after they made a move that makes us question just how ridiculous society is getting. As people line up in droves for the traditional Bunnings sausage-on-bread this weekend, they will be served the delicious snack with the onions on the bottom, and not on top of the sausage due to a new OH&S rule.

The Chief Operating Officer of Bunnings has labelled onions as a potential slip hazard, and to reduce the risk of this 1-in-a-billion event happening, Bunnings will serve the onions underneath the sausage. The news has ignited social media debate, with one person commenting 'One more reason to hate Australia,' but another saying 'If your biggest worry is whether the onion or the sausage goes on first, you must be living a hell of a life with no major problems!'

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