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'Life Is A Canvas For Your Art'

Spiritual people this is for you!

'Life Is A Canvas For Your Art'

'If you are afraid of your dreams and taking a chance to see how they may unfold, then you will never experience what you are capable of and you will live out someone else's projection. The best way to let go of illusion is choosing to accept the truth as it is presented to us just as it is. The truth will set you free.' 

These are just some of the incredible words of wisdom coming from Don Miguel Ruiz Jnr., an expert on discovering personal freedom. Don Miguel Jnr. has appeared on Oprah and published several enlightening books including: 'The Mastery of Self,' 'Living A Life Of Freedom,' 'The Five Levels Of Attachment' and 'The Little Book Of Wisdom.'

He has an in-depth chat with AJ, Bridge & Spida which challenges our existing beliefs and inspires new thinking, and now he helps others discover optimal physical and spiritual health, so that they may achieve their own personal freedom. Listen to the chat below!