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Ellen Briggs Recounts Her Hilarious Amish Christmas Experience

Don't eat the ham!

Ellen Briggs Recounts Her Hilarious Amish Christmas Experience

AJ, Bridge & Spida's Comedy Pilot Week showcasing new comedians kicked off to a strong start this morning with the hilarious Ellen Briggs, who talked about everything from 'what Christmas Day looks like Amish style' to sharing the best response EVER to a Christmas card!


In addition to stand up comedy, Ellen is a writer and MC, having just released a book with Mandy Nolan in May called "Women Like Us", which needed a reprint within the first week!

And now she's joining AJ, Bridge & Spida all the way from Mullumbimby ("the poor man's Byron", as Ellen calls it). 

If you've always wondered what Christmas is like for the Amish population, have a listen to Ellen's experience at her in-laws below:

And say cheese for the family Christmas card photo! 


Listen to the catch up below to hear why Ellen has a secret grudge against receiving Christmas cards: 

Have you got a funny Christmas story? Let us know in the Facebook comments!