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Should Horse Racing To Be Banned?

137 horses died on-track in one year!

Should Horse Racing To Be Banned?

As the nation stopped to watch the Melbourne Cup, a harsh reality was broadcast to viewers and spectators as a horse broke down early in the race and was subsequently euthanised. AJ, Bridge & Spida got serious on the trending social media topic of #nuptothecup and a strong movement of people calling for horse racing to be banned altogether for the safety of the animals.

Some 10,000 horses are sent to slaughter each year with 137 track deaths occurring in a twelve month period in Australia. Some jockeys from Flemington even face short term racing bans for 'excessive whipping' of their horse during the race.

While Bridge struggled with the fact so many racehorses suffer injuries and are put down, AJ took a different view as an avid horse lover saying that the horses are treated as well as human children and it's a part of the sport.

Either way, it's a compelling topic! Which side are you on?