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Spida Sprays The 'Peck' Greeting

Should we ban the kiss on the cheek?

Spida Sprays The 'Peck' Greeting

There are a lot of weird and wonderful human courtesies, cultural norms and elaborate etiquettes which we abide by. One of the behaviours most people experience weekly, if not daily, is greeting people and exchanging a handshake, a hug, a kiss on the cheek that misses by a mile, or an awkward mix of all of the above.

Spida has had enough, and if you weren't already aware, the big man isn't a fan of physical touch in the first place. Spida is fed up with being uncertain and is calling for us to ban the practice of the 'peck on the cheek.' He tries to explain to AJ & Bridge why it would make our lives easier if we just stuck to a simple handshake. Check it out below and tell us if you agree on the Facebook post! Oh, and don't expect any kisses from Peter 'Spida' Everitt when you meet him.