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Why Can't Supermarket Chains Use The Same Layout?

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Why Can't Supermarket Chains Use The Same Layout?

Has it ever bothered you? You shop at one of the major supermarkets week after week for decades and you could probably shop your local store with your eyes closed. But as soon you visit the same chain in another location, it's like walking into Maze Runner and nothing is the same. Is there any good reason why each store has to be set out so differently to the next, are these companies trying to confuse us so we get lost 'casino style' and end up spending more money?

On the show today Spida got his salami in a knot and revealed he often does the household groceries and is fed up with the inconsistency. Is he being trivial, time obsessed or obsessive compulsive. Or does he have a fair point? Check out Spida's spray below and let us know your thoughts on the Facebook post!