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Becoming A Prostitute At Age 10.

Sydney's Razor Gang survivor tells all

Becoming A Prostitute At Age 10.

In the 1920's the Sydney Razor Gang dominated the streets and inflicted disfiguring scars on their enemies. The razor became the gang's weapon of choice because anyone caught carrying an unlicensed firearm was thrown into jail. At the young age of 10, Maria Tinschert became a prostitute of the gang, enlisted by her own mother who Maria was also a prostitute, and Maria describes as 'beautiful...but having no soul or feelings for anyone.'

Maria speaks with AJ, Bridge & Spida about her harrowing experiences, but don't call her a victim! According to Maria, she's still alive so she's a survivor. After years of physical, sexual and mental abuse, Maria has committed her life to helping others in need.

She's written a book detailing her life and what it was like growing up amongst the Razor Gang, entitled 'Daughter of the Razor'. Listen to Maria's amazing story below.