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My Times They Are A Changin'

Suffer Little Children

My Times They Are A Changin'

Perhaps it’s because I might be mellowing in my later years, perhaps I have been wrong all along, however the last few days of news from the USA has touched even my cynical soul.

Some background first. I have long held the belief that if you want to move to another country, ours or anywhere else, there is a process and a correct way to go about it.

I don’t believe it’s acceptable to arrive at Ashmore Reef, kick the door in and announce you’re coming in ready or not.

People in other countries have a dreadful time in war torn areas, suffer persecution because of a myriad of reasons but they are in my belief different from economic refugees who buy their way onto a boat and are dumped at Ashmore to fend for themselves.

I support having strong borders or it becomes open slather for anyone to arrive in a country with no vetting process whatsoever and that country can be changed forever.

Before we go any further, something should be done by our govt so people are not left at Manus Is to rot.

Then we see what is happening on the Mexican border.

How you could stand by and see photos like this one, and not feel a tinge of remorse and anger?

Little kids, apparently separated at the border from their parents and left in cages, and the AG says the bible gives a tick of approval!

Politics is one consideration, little kids are totally different and many people in the USA are telling the White House they are not happy.

Neither should they be, it’s a disgrace, as is the commentary from those calling kids like this little one child actors and that the camps are like summer camp.

President Trump has now signed an executive order to stop family separations, maybe a short term measure, who knows the damage that’s been done to these kids already.

One more question, especially to those who want to label themselves Christian after looking at this photo……………………

How do they sleep?