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Listen To Justin Koschitzke’s Flawless Ross Lyon Impersonation

Kosi nails it!

Listen To Justin Koschitzke’s Flawless Ross Lyon Impersonation Image: Getty

Former Saint Justin Koschitzke guest hosted the first hour of Triple M Melbourne’s Dead Set Legends with Joey Montagna and Jay Clark, and showed off his flawless Ross Lyon impression.

Kosi was talking about his upcoming Puka Up Bike Ride from Sydney to Melbourne, and mentioned that until recently he hadn’t been on a bike since Lyon — then coach of the club — banned the Saints players from riding them after a near accident.

Listen to it here:


“I hadn’t been on a bike for 10 or 12 years, since the early days of pre-season,” Kosi said.

“That bike was still hanging up on the wall, and yet I’m finding myself doing a couple of hundred kays a week.”

“Since Ross Lyon banned us from riding, remember we all used to ride as a team on Saturday mornings, it was part of our training,” Joey chipped in.

“We all went for a ride, and one session Rooey (Nick Riewoldt) and Aaron Hamill I reckon were up the front and they nearly deadset stacked and brought down the whole team.”

Kosi then dropped his impression.

“I’ve got millions of dollars on the road, why would I risk that?” he said as Lyon.

“Let’s smack ‘em on the oval, what are they ridin’ bikes for?”

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