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Andy Lee Pays Tribute To His Mate Jarrod Lyle

"Always up for a laugh."

Andy Lee Pays Tribute To His Mate Jarrod Lyle Image: AAP

Andy Lee has paid tribute to his mate Jarrod Lyle, who passed away on Wednesday night.


Andy was a good mate of Lyle, and had the chance to say goodbye to Lyle, who passed away aged 36 after ending treatment on a recurrence of leukaemia.

He joined Kennedy Molloy to pay tribute to his mate.

"He was very peaceful yesterday," he said.

"There was a lot of close friends and acquaintances for Jarrod. That's the kind of guy he was."

Lee explained how the two met, playing golf together at a pro-am, where they instantly clicked.

"To give an idea of the bloke, I met him back in 2010. At a pro-am, I was lucky enough to be paired with him," he explained.

"He had a love for golf and beer and I thought oh, this is going to work out.

"(He was) always smiling and always up for a laugh."

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