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Karl Recruits Mick Molloy To Organise His Bucks Party

What could possibly go wrong?

Karl Recruits Mick Molloy To Organise His Bucks Party Daily Mail UK / Herald Sun

Host of Channel Nine's Today Show Karl Stefanovic joined Kennedy Molloy today and propositioned Mick Molloy with a potentially massive job.

Karl spoke openly with Jane Kennedy and Mick about the paparazzi and living in the public eye, as well as having his relationship with girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough scrutinised in the media.

But the biggest shock came when he suggested Mick would organise his future Bucks Party.

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"Listen, what happens before a wedding is a Bucks Party," Karl told Mick and Jane, "And Mick Molloy has put his hand up. Do you think that's a good idea?"

"You have no idea what you've just done Karl," Jane responded. 

Safe to say it would be the biggest party to hit Sydney in some time, with Mick suggesting that they're "gonna need a boat, and it's gotta be a big one".

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