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Karl Stefanovic Opens Up On His 'Commitment Ceremony' With Mick Molloy

"I remember one time in Sydney..."

Karl Stefanovic Opens Up On His 'Commitment Ceremony' With Mick Molloy

One of Kennedy Molloy's favourites, Karl Stefanovic joined the show for a chat this afternoon.

The 'Today Show' host spoke about the current Australian cricket ball tampering incident that's taken over the nation's media, as well as his recent interview with Kylie Minogue.

Karl also touched on his recent commitment ceremony with partner Jasmine Yarbrough in Palm Beach on March 11, but the much-loved TV host also mentioned another commitment ceremony that Australia's paparazzi contingent may have missed.

After promising Mick last time he spoke on Kennedy Molloy that he could plan his upcoming bucks party, Karl reminded Mick that the two had enjoyed a commitment ceremony of their own in Sydney recently...


"It was all practice," Karl told Mick and Jane about his commitment ceremony with Yasmine.

"I seem to remember us two having a commitment ceremony of our own not so long ago in Sydney, Mick."

"And I'm prepared to renew my vowels!" Insisted Mick, "Anytime soon, Karl. Anytime soon!"

Listen to Karl's full chat with Mick and Jane here:


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