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Kennedy Molloy Discover Some Even Older Listeners Still Living At Home

30-year-old's got nothing.

Kennedy Molloy Discover Some Even Older Listeners Still Living At Home

Following the news about a US judge kicking out a 30-year-old man from living with his parents, the challenge was set.

Is there anyone older still living at home?

Our lines lit up, because it turned out there were plenty.

The 30-year-old absolutely paled in comparison to some of these belting stories - including one more than double that age!



A US judge has sided with two parents fed up of their freeloader son living their son, ordering him to move out of their home.

Mark and Christina Rotondo took their son Michael to court after he refused to move out their New York home.

Michael, the owner of an internet sales company, moved back in with his parents following the failure of his business.

But unwilling to chip in with the chores or pay rent, Michael's parents were fed up with him living them, offering him $1100 USD to move out and find a place of his own in February.


Despite taking the money, Michael refused to find a place, arguing that the money wasn't enough to find a suitable apartment.

Michael's parents then took him to court, with the judge siding with them and ordering Michael to ship off.

He reportedly intends to return to the property to collect his belongings, but has no idea where he is going to stay and is planning to appeal the court's decision...