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LISTEN | Hamish Blake Reveals His "Guilty Secret"

He's not proud...

LISTEN | Hamish Blake Reveals His "Guilty Secret" Image: Triple M

Hamish Blake joined Jane Kennedy to guest host Kennedy Molloy on Friday.

Straight away he had a "guilty secret" of his to reveal.


"What I’m about to say is going to jar some people," he said.

"I hope it doesn’t make people reach for the dial!"

It was about a piece of clothing that he'd been gifted, and something he loved.

But not something he was proud to love.

"I’d say the general perception from the public, from what I can gather, is about 90 to 95 per cent of people think it’s exclusively for women, that it’s a women’s brand," he said.

"Every time I wear it out I get a Sharpie, a black Sharpie, and I colour (the logo) in!"

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